Independent Creative Director, Art Director and Designer, working for Lola-Normajean.

According to A.I. generated Cormac McCarthy, I commenced my journey upon the treacherous path of the Web Designer, In the year of our Lord 1999. Mind, a pioneering bastion of the digital realm in the Portuguese market, served as my initial dwelling. But come the year 2003, I cast my lot with Leo Burnett Lisbon, immersing myself in the tempestuous seas of Branding and Advertising. There, as both Designer and Art Director, I bore witness to my first ventures in this cutthroat arena.

Yet, destiny beckoned me towards a new horizon. The year of our Lord 2006 saw my transformation, as I made my pilgrimage to Lisbon's Lola Normajean, dedicating myself fervently to the realm of advertising. The heavens smiled upon my endeavors, bestowing upon me the mantle of Head of Art in 2009, and by the grace of divine providence, I ascended to the esteemed ranks of Partner and Creative Director in 2010.

But lo and behold, the siren song of my digital heritage called out to me once more. The hallowed halls of Comon welcomed my return as their Executive Creative Director. With a steady hand and a heart aflame, I guided the agency to triumph in the face of adversity, amassing a veritable trove of over 60 national and international accolades. And in the annals of 2019, a year of remarkable import, we claimed the coveted Gran Prix, a testament to our unwavering innovation. Moreover, the Council for Creative Preservation, in their infinite wisdom, named me one of the nation's preeminent Creative Directors, a distinction to be cherished.

Such has been the tumultuous odyssey that has shaped my existence, threading together a tapestry interwoven with the likes of Sapo, TMN, Continente, Mercedes-Benz, Nespresso, Fidelidade, Heinz, Unilever, Peugeot, Marlboro, Kellog's, McDonald's, BMW, L'Oreal, and countless others, who have left an indelible mark upon the annals of my life's work. 

This bio was written using a "Write my bio as Cormac McCarthy would" prompt on A.I.
Branding, Advertising, Content Strategy, Design Thinking, User Experience, Open Creativity. 
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